Ed Gray Art




Ballads of Bermuda


In 2001 I was awarded a fellowship to the MasterWorks Foundation of Bermuda www.bermudamasterworks.com. I was priviledged to work with the Director of the Foundation Tom Butterfield and spent three months drawing and painting island life.  My painting 'Sunbathers' was subsequently donated to the MasterWorks Museum's collection of island art in Bermuda.



Sunbathers, St David´s, Bermuda

Going to wedding

Ferry to the Wedding, Bermuda


Ferrymen, Hamilton, Bermuda


Nightfishing, Dockyard, Bermuda

Summerset bridge

Summerset Bridge, Bermuda

Cup match

Cup Match, St George´s, Bermuda

Crown and Ancor

Crown and Anchor, St George´s, Bermuda

Front street

Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda


Snowballs, Bermuda