Ed Gray Art




Fairytales of New York, Lullabies of London



London and New York have been inextricably linked ever since the early American settlers who left from Rotherhithe. For London, July 7th 2005 was another indication of the gravity of this relationship. The post 9/11 New York that I found was an optimistic city. New Yorkers were enjoying their city. The very real absence of the World Trade Centre belies the real presence of disbelief and incomprehension at the horrific events of that day.


The majority of these paintings are the results of 10 days of walking and cycling around the city, making drawings all the time. The paintings are composites of all the drawings. In them you will find all the dreams and dreamers, love, violence, tragedy, boredom, exhaustion, the hopeful and the hopeless that I witnessed on my walks. From Amish people on the subway to joggers on Brooklyn Heights I have tried to capture a snapshot of the city in the limited time that I had.




Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights, New York

Battery Park

Battery Park, Manhattan New York

China town

China Town, New York City

Downtown train

Amish Girls, Downtown Train in New York City

Downtown train 2

Don´t bang the drum man, downtown Train in New York City

Brighton beach

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn New York

Lenox avenue

Lenox and 125th St Harlem, New York

Socrates diner

Socrates diner on Hudson Street, Manhattan, New York

Going underground

Going Underground, St. Paul´s Central Line, London

Full english

Full English, Rock Steady Eddies in Camberwell

King Henry wharf

King Henry´s Warf, Wapping, London

Tufnell park tango

Boston Arms Tango, Tufnel Park, London