Ed Gray Art




All This  Useless  Beauty


From street life in South London to Vauxhall commuters, Carnival revellers, Soho glitterati and York Hall boxers, Gray casts his net wide and catches all this useless beauty before it is swept away in the tide of London life.


This paintings explore migration, heritage, music, religion, sport and cafe culture through a human soup of lovers, fighters, workers, gossips, carousers and the broken and damaged. Fragments of lives spill from the street to the pages of his sketchbook and finally onto the canvases, celebrating the industry, passion and drive of Londoners and London itself. 


On Camberwell Green (Let me eat my wings!)


On Camberwell Green (Let me eat my wings!) Monochrome


Ladbroke Groovers, Notting Hill Carnival


York Hall Boxers, Bethnal Green 


Vauxhall Bridgefoot


I am Bachanal! Notting Hill Carnival


Bar Italia monochrome

Bar Italia