Ed Gray Art




Sukumvit Market, Bangkok

‘Difficulties exist. Just like being in a labyrinth. Everything seems unreal. Desires not yet fulfilled. No lucks. ‘So says lucky scroll number 14. It is early evening and the smell of coriander and sweet spices is in the air as a school boy waits for his snack. Courtesy abounds as bowing Thais greet each other. Westerners, ‘ghosts’ to the Thais, are drifting in and out to stock up at Sukumvit market where everything you desire can be purchased at the right price. Sad eyed ladies crowd the bars searching for the Westerner ‘farang’ to end their economic misery. Buddhist monks spy an amulet stall and peer at the sacred amulets depicting Buddha. In the background the red shirted protestors from the countryside are gathering beneath the shopping mecca. In between the Chinese Fu dogs (guardians of prosperity) the real dog awakes as the fortune teller beckons.


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